A new paradigm is taking shape in the ever-changing ASC world... .....and super-winners dominate value-creation

Macro Trends



Our Positioning

There is a marked shift away from Hospital to:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)
  • Medical Office Buildings (MOB)
  • Urgent Care Centers (UCC)
  • Free-Standing Emergency Departments (FED)
  • Micro Hospitals

92% Hospitals are planning relevant projects

58% of the recent and planned medical-property construction projects are in the outpatient space



A 3-way Strategic Alliance or Joint Venture (JV) between the local hospital, ASC and management and development company is emerging as a preferred structure

It allows physician partners to maintain independence while achieving tighter alignment by simultaneously boosting ASC volumes, attracting physicians and connecting the center into its hospitals partner’s patient referral network

This is especially relevant today  as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are becoming dominant and insurance companies are steering patients to the low-cost providers

JVs and strategic alliances are our sweet spot. We are nimble, think client-first, and achieve ever-faster speed-to-market. Our  formidable track record in orchestrating JVs:

  • Yellowstone Surgery Center (MACC) in Billings is an alliance between St. Vincent Healthcare and Ortho Montana
  • MACC Imaging is a JV between St. Vincent and Touchstone Imaging
  • N. Dallas is a JV between THR, SCA and physician partners
  • Zachary LA is a JV between Baton Rouge Orthopedics and Lane Memorial Hospital
  • N. Fort Worth is an alliance JV between THR/SCA/North Texas Orthopedics
  • Cleburne is an alliance JV between THR,SCA and multiple specialists